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Ash is an independent artist with over 700 million streams on digital platforms. Since the beginning of his career, The 27-year-old musician and live artist has been releasing music through his own label Ash Music. A multi-instrumentalist who plays the guitar, sax, keyboard, drums and synthesizer, he blends his Egyptian and French background in electronic music. The Cairo-born, Montreal-based producer captures millions of hearts worldwide with his evocative live sessions filmed in beauiful locations, from Montreal’s Mount Royal to the White Desert in Egypt and Akyaka in Turkey.

Ash’s most recognized track 'Mosaïque' was an experiment with a middle-eastern vibe, that he was unsure of releasing at first. Fast forward to today, 'Mosaïque' reached over 150 million streams and is still growing along with his success as an artist with a signature sound. First released in 2016, the streams have been a torrent, boosted by ‘that’ 2019 pyramids video which has more than 20 million YouTube views. Ash has released many more tracks which have received worldwide attention such as 'Worlds Apart', 'Give a Little', 'Daydream', 'Dans La Peau', and most recently his debut EP 'About Life'.

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